Bitcoin trading for beginners: how to get started

Trading is not black magic or gambling. To be successful, you have to understand the market and keep an eye on large investors. In the new trading course for beginners, you will learn why “Smart Money” invests so successfully – and how you can develop your own profitable trading strategy.

Which Bitcoin course should I start at, when should I take profits? These are the basic questions that a Bitcoin (Day) trader has to ask anew every day. Technical price analysis can help identify trends and develop trading strategies, but it has its limitations. Because the best strategy does not help if those who really move the markets, namely the large institutional investors, the “smart money”, take a different course. But remedy is near: With the Bitcoin Bank trading course for beginners at the BTC-ACADEMY.

Beyond the candlesticks: Smart money sets the (Bitcoin) rate

Hedge funds and other asset managers are not known to willingly share their market knowledge and trading strategies with the general public. No wonder: after all, they benefit from an asymmetrical information situation. It is not only annoying that the “insiders” make profits when trading, and that interested laypeople – mocked by the big players as “dumb money” – often look into tubes; it is also diametrically opposed to the crypto ideal of decentralization and the democratization of the financial system.

For this reason, we are extremely pleased that in Robert Rother we have been able to win an absolute trading icon as a lecturer for our BTC-ACADEMY. The professional investor had built a million dollar financial empire in China – until it got too colorful for the Chinese government. Robert ended up innocently in Chinese prison for his success, for a full seven years and seven months. Robert has processed his experiences and survival tactics in the Spiegel bestseller Dragon Years.

Bitcoin trading for beginners: how to get started

Now Robert has returned to the trading world – with a challenge to Smart Money. In the course “Crypto Trading for Beginners” Robert gives insights into the mindset of institutional investors that only an insider can provide.

I want to teach you how to read the footprints of so-called smart money in the market. The banks and the hedge funds leave their mark on the market. And you can see these traces. As I come from this area myself, I know what to look out for in order to know when to buy and when to sell.

Robert Rother

How to interpret the trading behavior of the institutional, which software you need for it, how to correctly identify supports and resistances and how to profit from falling prices with short positions are just a few examples from the 13 lessons in which Robert uses his knowledge reveals.

Declaration of war at a competitive price: The Bitcoin trading course for beginners

If you now think that you have to spend a lot of money for such insider knowledge, you can rest assured: The Bitcoin trading course for beginners is deliberately kept low-threshold. With 99 euros you get access to all 13 lessons of the three-hour trading course.

The first 100 readers get a discount of 10 percent if they use the discount code “limited100” when registering . Since the demand for the trading course for beginners is already extremely high, you should be quick if you want to secure the discount. Sign up now and learn firsthand how to trade like the pros.