1000 bitcoins produced in 2010 were put into operation

On Saturday 7 November, 1000 Bitcoins, which had been lying still at their addresses since 2010, went into motion.

According to the Telegram channel Goldfoudinshit TM, each of the activated addresses contained 50 BTC.  Some of these transactions can be seen in the image below:

Source: blockchain.com

This is not the first such movement of „old“ Bitcoins this year. In March, just before the market collapsed, 1000 BTCs, which had been motionless since 2010, went into motion.

The same number of coins mined in 2010 were moved on 11 October.

A few days earlier, an unknown user had moved 50 BTCs, which had been in motion since 2010. A similar episode occurred in July.

In May, the 50 BTCs received as an award for the block on 9 February 2009 were moved. The Cryptosoft network was only operational for one month at that time. The creator of the bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, was one of the miners at the time.

Many users assumed he might have owned the coins, but analysis of Patoshi’s patterns did not confirm the hypothesis.

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